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Self-employed since 1989, from 1996 to Balatonföldvár Beach Real Estate Agency based
in Hungary and Consulting Company Limited dealing lake real estate and property in the
vicinity of the lake through the sale of our framework.

The mansions and castles since 2004. Since 2006, in collaboration with partners involved, according preparedness effort we want to constantly augmenting gradually increase our role in these prestigious properties in the Recommendation, and the presentation of the mediation.

When surrounded by ancient walls, noble, noble or aristocratic mansions and palaces, or did not have the rank of nobility, but architectural marvel created a successor to the former owners of the property on behalf of sale undertake to convey, we are aware that leaves one important element of our nation's history on us, the property owner, who will honor us with confidence when you order, so consider it our duty in connection with the performance of the duties of the job title and location spirit worthy process.

We sincerely hope our help you find your dream property, which is for himself and his dependents delight in his own mind reconstruction can be used for a long time, then you
can leave heirs to create a real value for your family!

In the future, welcome to sell the castle mansion owners or their request.

Balatonföldvár, the 21st day of December 2007.


Hungarian Beach Real Estate Agency and Consulting Company Limited (established in 8623 Balatonföldvár Kõröshegyi road at number 50, registration number: 14-06-303067)
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Dr. Imre Gal